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BST GMT Adjusting clocks

                                                      When to set your clocks to 

                         Brittish Summer Time (BST) or to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

(GMT) The last Sunday in October we put the clock back one hour at 2am
(BST) The last Sunday in March  the clocks are advanced by one hour at 2am 

Adjusting your clock to GMT. 
Moving the clock back one hour (for GMT) can be a problem for some antique clocks.
The safest way to adjust your antique clock's time to GMT, is to stop it for 11 hours or to allow it to                 
run down and stop, then wind it fully and start the clock at the correct GMT time.
If you would like advice on how best to adjust your specific clock please feel free to contact us where 
we will be only to pleased to help.

Adjusting your clock to BST.
On most clocks moving the time forward one hour  is not a problem.
You will only need to move the minute hand round one rotation of the dial and the clock is then set.
Please note, when moving the minuet hand forward allow the clock to complete it's strike or chime at each 
striking or chiming position before moving the minute hand to the next striking or chiming position, continue
this until the correct time is reached